Vertically integrated business

Interfoam Group of Companies is one of the first and largest producers of polyurethane foam in Ukraine having a successful history since 1997. The Group applies complete technological process from production of polyurethane foam to distribution of ready-made products to end users.

Continuous flexible foam block production

The up-to-date high capacity Maxfoam machines by Cannon Viking make high quality foam to meet all the customers’ requirements.

Molded polyurethane foam

Our capability of making small batches of foam allows us to focus on R&D for new products as well as to keep our scrap loss low when making our customers’ special requirements products. 

Technical foam production

Our large technological and production capacities allow us to fabricate technical foam for automotive, aviation, railway and construction industries.

Consumer goods production

We are actievly expanding our polyurethane foam consumer goods markets.

Matrasses and pillows

Matrasses and pillows designed under own trade mark Noble™ are high-end and high-comfortable products meet all the  international bedding trends.


Due to highly effective logistics between the production and retail network we have achieved effective distribution of our foam and foam products  among our foam-cutting centers (Dnepropetrovsk, Belaya Tserkov, Kharkov and Kishinev), retail subsidiaries and dealers.


We sell our products through our own retail network consisting of 10 retail subsidiaries in 12 regions of Ukraine as well as supermarkets and other retail outlets.

  • Vertically integrated business
  • Continuous flexible foam block production
  • Molded polyurethane foam
  • Technical foam production
  • Consumer goods production
  • Matrasses and pillows
  • Distribution
  • Retail

About company

Interfoam Group of Companies is one of the first and largest polyurethane foam manufacturers in Ukraine having a successful history since 1997. Due to dynamic growth the Group is focused on active and stable expansion of its business, consolidation of its leading position on the Ukrainian market of flexible foam and development of its export business. The Group’s main business is the production, processing and distribution of high quality flexible foam. The Group applies complete technological process from production of polyurethane foam to sales of ready-made products to end users. Since its formation, the Group has being guided by the philosophy of quality that brought to the creation of a strong brand which has achieved almost 100% customers’ awareness over the last 20 years.

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What is PU foam

“Out of the “four giants” of modern large scale plastic industry – polyethylene, PVC, polystyrene and polyurethane – polyurethane is undoubtedly the most universal product”…

Flexible polyurethane foam (flexible foam) is one of the most widespread polymer which consists of 90% air.  Due to fine-cellular structure the polyurethane foam is very elastic and air-permeable. The input materials for the production of  polyurethane foam are polyol, isocyannate (TDI or MDI), catalysts, foam stabilizers and water. The wide variety of polyurethane foams provides for their multiple applications driving the world market sales up every year. By changing the chemical composition we can make practically unlimited variety of materials. The flexible foam appeared in the market as a commercial product in 1954 and by now has reached the sixth place among the most selling plastics.

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Kiff 2019

Kiff 2019 - one of the most significant Ukrainian furniture and interiors fair took place in Kyiv in early March.

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Leader of the Year 2018

Interfoam Holding’s managing company took the leading positions among the business entities of Ukraine and, in particular, among the Kyiv companies in the “Solvency” nomination according to the comprehensive rating analysis results of the National Business Rating of Ukraine.

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Furniture fair in Germany

The annual IMM COLOGNE fair traditionally attracts visitors from all over the world. 

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